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The Home of Henry Willard

My 8x great-grandfather was Henry Willard. He was the son of Simon Willard who emigrated from Horsmonden, Kent County, England. Born in Concord, Massachusetts in 1655, Henry built this home at Still River (Harvard), Massachusetts in 1687. The house still stands at 259 Still River Road, which is Route 110, in Still River, which is part of Harvard, Massachusetts.


This photo is taken from the book from the book “Heroic Willards of ’76; life and times of Captain Reuben Willard of Fitchburg, Mass., and his lineal descendants, from 1775 to date; profusely embellished with authentic portraits not heretofore available; register of Willards in the revolution, and other wars, chronology of the George Willards” by Phelps, James Andrew, b. 1835

My surprise in finding this photo? I grew up in Harvard, Massachusetts. How many times did I pass this house not knowing that it was built by my 8x great-grandfather?



Treat Yourself to a Gift That Will Last All Year (or More)!

Did your Aunt Millie give you cash or a cash gift card for Christmas? May I suggest that you check out these ideas to treat yourself:

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My very best wishes for a Happy and Safe New Year. Here’s to more successful family history research in the coming year!

Last Minute Flip-pal Special

Hi Friends – I’ve just been notified of a last minute special from Flip-pal. It can be used for a lot of different reasons:

  • Preserving our family photos before disaster strikes so they are protected against harm and I have a digital image to rely on in case I need it.
  • Creating a variety of gifts using scanned photos. Stuff like calendars, photo books, tote bags and even ceramic tiles (yes,  I can picture Grandma on my kitchen back-splash!).
  • Writing about uncle Oscar’s service in the military and scanning his medals and Army patches. I can never say “thank you” enough, but a book about him is a good start.
  • Starting an index project for my genealogy society by scanning documents and then getting a group together to build a searchable database. (As President of the Middlesex Chapter of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists I hope to make use of this idea in the coming year! Then we can share it with other genealogists.)

Flip-Pal mobile scanner sale $139.99. I’ve not seen the Flip-Pal mobile scanner at this price before.  Add the carrying case and make sure your order totals $149.00 or more to qualify for FREE SHIPPING.  Click here to save.  Sale ends December 22nd.

There is more… a fun way to share family photos by adding voice to them.

Check out the new StoryScans™ talking photos feature. For the first time, you can easily transform your images into endearing stories.  Click here to learn how you can add this new capability to your existing Flip-Pal mobile scanner or add the feature to your next purchase!

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

My genealogy friends know how much I love my Flip-Pal mobile scanner. It is a magical piece of equipment. It’s lightweight, portable and scans in high resolution in color or black and white. Here are some of the things that I have used it for:

  • I’ve taken it to archives (most will allow its use – but always check with the staff) – that saves on copy costs.
  • I’ve used it to quickly scan family photos at relatives’ homes.
  • Most of the photos in this blog have been scanned using the Flip-Pal.
  • I scanned the 1918 photo album that my grandfather created. The pages were too big for a traditional scanner and it was too fragile to go through that kind of abuse. The whole album is now stored digitally on my computer where I can access it at my leisure and not worry about doing further damage to the original. The album is now safely stored away in an archival box to protect it from further deterioration.


Which brings me to the stitching software program. By overlapping the scans slightly using the guidelines on the scanner, you can easily use the stitching software to put over-sized pictures back together. When I first got it I decided to put it to the test. The photo below is my Dad’s military Company from World War II. It is a large photo. It took ten scans, but what great results!


I love this scanner so much that I decided to become part of their affiliate program. If you click the Flip-Pal link on the sidebar you will be taken to the website that gives you more information on purchasing a Flip-Pal. And if you buy one, I make a little moolah. <smile>