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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: My 9x great-grandmother, Elizabeth (Norton) Stover was left to maintain a fort at Cape Neddick, Maine after the death of her husband in 1689. She supplied beef and supplies for soldiers during King William’s War for two years.

The Bad: By 1691, she was neglected, her sons and neighbors had moved away. She was forced to leave her home and moved to Scituate, Mass. where she died in 1722. She petitioned the Massachusetts Government (remember that Maine was part of Massachusetts at that time) numerous times for reimbursement. Ultimately she was paid 1 pound 18 shillings for the supplies that she had provided for soldiers.

The Ugly: In her will along with what she left her children, she leaves 10 pounds 8 shillings, their clothing and bedding to her “Negro slave woman” and the same to each of her slave’s two children “My Negro lad” and “My Negro girl.” The “Negro lad” also received her gun.