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Did Your Ancestor Borrow Money? Mine Did!

I was lucky to recently win an auction for an original document signed by my 4x great grandfather, Jeremiah Hutchings. On the surface it is fun to own a document that my ancestor actually held in his hand with an original signature. The document is a check.

Jeremiah Hutchings check to William Frost

It reads “Due William Frost, Esq. four shillings from me on Demand York Febry 6 1792” followed by a squiggle that I haven’t quite deciphered (if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them!). It is witnessed by Samuel Lunt and signed by Jeremiah. I decided to go beyond the document and asked myself, “Why would Jeremiah need to borrow money?”

I took a look at Jeremiah’s life. In February of 1792, Jeremiah was 21 years old. He had married at the age of 16, marrying an older woman, Sarah Littlefield – when she was 18. Jeremiah’s wife gave birth to their third child in February of 1792. Perhaps, the overwhelming responsibility of having a wife and three young children at the tender age of 21 drove Jeremiah to seek some help…

[William Frost was a Revolutionary War Veteran – his FindaGrave profile can be found here: ]