Family Treasures – You Never Know What You’re Going to Find!

After my recent success with a family Bible (see my Blog post about that here: I thought I’d revisit some of the family heirlooms that have somehow ended up with me.

I found a treasure. Can you tell what it is?

File Jul 04, 6 01 02 PM

Here’s a hint:

Army Issued New Testament

William K. Millar was my Dad.

One more hint:

Bible - Roosevelt

Now you know what it is. The best part was the page that I found folded and tucked inside, which appears to have been ripped out of a magazine, (maybe Reader’s Digest?) probably given to him by his Mother (I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her – sending her only son off to war):

Mother's Prayer found in New Testament

As my Dad would have said, “‘Nuff said.”

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