Herbert L. Converse

Herbert Converse

This cabinet card identified as Herbert L. Converse was taken by Partridge of Boston, dated September 1885. Herbert Lewis Converse was born 15 September 1882 in Dorchester, Mass. His parents were Herbert and Virginia Leroy Lewis Converse. His father, Herbert Brooks Converse, was a realtor in Boston, who was the son of Benjamin B. Converse and Hannah Elizabeth Brooks, born in Boston on 29 December 1852.

Herbert was a salesman for a battery company who married later in life at the age of 35. His wife was Isabelle, who was born about 1886. Herbert and his wife Isabelle had a son, Herbert Ware Converse, born about 1927, who married Ruth Janet Batchelder on 21 October 1951. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Batchelder of Reading, Massachusetts. They also had a daughter named Virginia born about 1925. The family lived in the house that had been occupied by his father and his grandfather at 39 Florence Street, Arlington Heights, Massachusetts – the house in which he grew up!

Herbert L. Converse verso

Any descendants who would like to have the photo? Please contact me!


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2 responses to “Herbert L. Converse”

  1. Maryah says :

    Herbert Ware and Ruth Batchelder Converse are my grandparents! I think we actually have this photograph … it looks familiar … but it was cool to stumble across today!

    • Deborah Lee Stewart says :

      I certainly would be happy to send it to you, no charge, if you would like it. If so, send me an email through the email link above with your address and I’ll ship it out to you. Glad you found it!

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