Bessie Linda (Moore) Griffin

 Bessie L. Moore

Bessie L. Moore verso

This is a photo I rescued from an antique shop. I am hoping that a descendant would like to have the picture.

Bessie Linda Moore was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on 25 Sep 1881, the daughter of George Clifford Moore (b. March 1849) and Ella J. Gilchrist (b. June 1852).  On 30 January 1906, she married Harry Sherman Griffin, in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. He was born 16 July 1869, son of John M. Griffin and Catherine M. Mcfadden.  He was 12 years older than Bessie. He was born on a farm in Kansas and lived in Lowell in 1899, probably how he met Bessie. At the time of their marriage he worked as a purchasing agent for S.H. Knox and Co. in Buffalo, New York.  It was a first marriage for both of them. They had one child, Elizabeth born 25 December 1906 in New York. The S.H. Knox Company, founded by Seymour Knox, grew to over 100 five and dime stores before Knox merged his business with his first cousins, Frank Winfield Woolworth and Charles Woolworth, becoming the F.W. Woolworth chain.

A woman of wealth and leisure, she was part of a delegation of National League of Women Voters who called on President Hoover in 1929 promising their support of him. They urged him to encourage passage of a bill in Congress which would provide renewed federal appropriations to the program for aid to maternity and infancy care. In 1922 she travelled to Havana, Cuba with her brother. Bessie died 24 April 1923 in New York at the young age of 41. She is buried in Lowell Cemetery in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Her husband, Harry, died 17 Nov 1932. He was a Mason in the Massachusetts Ancient York Lodge and travelled all over the world – sometimes taking his daughter Elizabeth with him.

Bessie’s father, George C. Moore, was a wealthy woolen manufacturer who took over the reins of his father’s business, George C. Moore and Co’s Wool Scouring Mill located in North Chelmsford. Founded in 1877, it was the largest mill in North Chelmsford and grew to international importance, later to become the Silesia Worsted Co. before it was sold to the United States Worsted Company for $3 million.

George Clifford Moore ~ photo owned by Bill Johnston and used with his permission

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