Revolutionary Patriot John Hammond

John Hammond was my 5x great-grandfather. He served three times as a private in the French and Indian War in the service of King George II of England. Seventeen years later, John Hammond served in the Revolutionary War on the side of the Patriots, turning his back on the King of England. Here is his military record:

He first enlisted, shortly after his 17th birthday, 8 April 1758 (living in Kittery, Maine) serving in Captain James Gowen’s Company, Regiment of Col. Jedidiah Preble at Lake George (then part of Canada). He was discharged 6 September 1758. His second service was as a private in Captain David Bean’s Company in the Province (of Maine) service at Penobscot, enlisting 31 March 1759, discharged 23 July 1759. Hammond’s final enlistment in the French and Indian War was on 6 March 1760 (still living in Penobscot), serving as a private in Captain Humphrey Chadbourn’s Company in the King’s Service at Ticonderoga and Canada. He was discharged 30 November 1760.

After marrying Susanna Preble and starting a family, he once again joined the military, this time on the side of the Patriots:

On 7 May 1777, at the age of 36, he was drafted or enlisted for two months’ service, during the Revolutionary War serving as a private in Captain Samuel Grant’s company of Colonel J. Titcomb’s regiment, the Massachusetts State Troops. He served again as a private from 20 October to 20 December 1780, in Captain Daniel Sullivan’s Company, 6th Lincoln Co. regiment for the protection of the inhabitants of Frenchman’s Bay.

I have often wondered what would sway a man’s loyalties. This book helped me to understand the thinking of the day:

Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different

This is a fascinating read that helped me add historical context to my family history. If you have a Revolutionary War ancestor, or know someone who does, I highly recommend this Pulitzer Prize winning book.

Revolutionary Characters



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