Honor Roll Project

I am excited to participate in the Honor Roll Project spearheaded by Heather Wilkinson Rojo who writes the blog Nutfield Genealogy on Blogspot. The idea is to photograph local veterans memorials/monuments and transcribe them so that they are searchable on the web. Here is my offering for this Veterans Day November 11, 2014:

There are four monuments in Memorial Circle in Leominster, Massachusetts with the names of the fallen inscribed on them.

2014-11-08 Memorial Circle

2014-11-08  Memorial Circle monument

Here is the monument dedicated to those from Leominster who lost their lives during World War Two:

World War II Monument

Quite honestly, I was shocked at how many soldiers died in World War II  just from one small city.

Here is the transcription of that monument:

World War II

1941 – 1946

Alton A. Cousins MMC USN

Joseph R. Martineau PVT USA

Malcolm C. Reed 2ndLT USMC

Leo M. Gagnon PFC USMC

Edmond O. Lachapelle CPL USA

Julian K. Dobson PFC USMC

Alphonse J. Richard PFC USA

Robert L. White SC2 USN

Pasquale O. Rocca, Jr. PVT USA

Lloyd A. Elwell PFC USA

Mark K. O’Toole 2LT USA

Harrison C. Richardson WT1 USN

Robert W. Barker SSG USA

Richard C. Nicholas 1LT USA

Lawrence L. Mitchell OS USMM

John W. Fortune, Jr. WT2 USN

Adrien Savalliere PVT USA

John G. Hising 2LT USA

Francis E. Moquin PFC USA

Arthur A. Morin TSG USA

Arthr J. Simpson 2LT UDS

Gerard J. Mitchell SC USMM

Alfred J. Gravelle PFC USA

Charles M. Perry ENS USN

Frank J. Montagna PVT USA

Kent R. Collins MOMM3 USN

Philip W. Newman ENS USN

Frank M. Foster 2LT USA

Edmund Melanson PVT USA

Henry F. Bosley 2LT USA

Walter M. Boland 1LT USA

James J. Boyle SGT USA

Matteo Turano GM3 USN

Samuel E. Bailey PFC USA

Paul A. Prince SF3 USN

Fred Gordon 2LT USA

Frank J. Petricca GM3 USN

Mario J. Lanza PFC USA

Everett E. Grimes PVT USA

Leon L. Gionet PVT USA

Frank W. Sawyer CPL USMC

Albert F. Duval 2LT USA

John J. McGillen PFC USA

Ralph E. Sherwin PFC USA

William D. Scully SSG USA

Leo J. H. Brideau PFC USMC

Lawrence A. Cravedi GM2 USN

Isoac Hawkins SGT USA

Pasquale A. Petrucci PVT USA

Harold L. Lord PVT USA

Victor Devarney SIC USN

Edmund F. Potter, Jr. PVT USA

Kenneth S. Hastings 1LT USA

Darius J. Parrott MM3 USN

Martin B. Love SGT USA

John F. Supple, Jr. PFC USA

Rene R. Gariepy PFC USA

Samuel A. Spadafore PVT USA

Michael J. Digeromino SGT USA

Harry J. Peterson SSG USA

Nicholas Dipace PVT USA

Arthur O. Gopfert PFC USA

Francis C. Quinn PFC USA

William C. Lavoie S2C USN

Gerard J. Cormier PFC USMC

Romeo M. Capasso PVT USA

Albert P. Demazure PFC USA

Bernard W. Joslin SIC USN

Delmarzio J. Franciosi PFC USA

Mario B. Fini QM3 USN

Rodrigo G. Caffoni SM3 USN

Lester R. King PFC USA

Arthur R. Marcoux SIC USN

George J. Blanchette AB USAT

Stefan R. Kucharski PO RCAF

Nelson E. Simmons SSG USA

Walter E. Kurasowicz SGT USA

Eddie Cormier PVT USA

Lyman M. Bates, Jr. 2LT USA

Ernest I. Rehor PFC USMC

Angelo J. Tata PFC USA

Peter R. Dandini S1C USM

Horace R. Falk CAPT USA

Romeo J. Charron T/C USA

Donald P. Reynolds PFC USA

Everett M. Woodward, Jr. LT USN

Clyde W. Albee, Jr. SN1 USN

Charles J. Gai PVT USA

Wyott T. Ordung QMC USN

Frank N. Decarolis FO USA

This is an ongoing project for me.  Stayed tuned for future memorial photos and transcriptions.


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