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Adventures with Adobe Photoshop Elements…

As you can see from my previous blog posts I love old photographs. I also love trying to get them returned to their families – and I’ve had some success with that. But sometimes a photo has been mistreated and needs a little digital TLC. I thought I’d give Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 10 a try. Excitedly, I bought the program – and gave it a try. Whoa, Nellie. It was not intuitive. I had no idea what I was doing. I was frustrated.  I watched their training videos. I watched some YouTube videos. I still didn’t understand the program. I hated it, in fact, I loathed it. Not being a quitter, I took a night class at the local regional high school. Nine hours of training helped, a little. I played with the program from time to time without much success and finally decided to take another class. This one was more in depth – about 24 total hours of training over the course of 6 weeks. And although I am far from being an expert – I did get better at the things that I want to do, which is restore old photos.

Here are the before and afters of my most recent attempts:

Shari Reif Shari Reif repaired .5 hours

(Photo courtesy of Shari Reif)

Sharon Varnum SergeantSharon Varnum Sergeant edited

(Photo courtesy of Sharon Varnum Sergeant)

Henry Hamley copy  Henry Hamley repaired

(Photo courtesy of Pam Roach)

I hope to get better over time and I’ll continue to practice. But I am having a blast and I love  Photoshop Elements 10. There, I said it, I. LOVE. PHOTOSHOP.

PS – Here’s my next project – a picture of my Dad during World War II:

dad army pic light

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted on the results!