Charles H. Litchfield

Charles Litchfield in album

This cabinet card is identified as Charles Litchfield, Reading [Massachusetts]. Charles was born on 26 July 1862 to Hiram Litchfield and Arevesta Kidder in Dixfield, Maine (his mother was from nearby Mexico, Maine) but his birth is registered in Reading, Mass. where his parents lived. Arevesta may have been visiting her family when Charles was born. His father was a stable keeper.
He married Emma (Bates) Flockton in Everett on 2 Oct 1893. It was her second marriage and she was 5 years his senior. He was a butcher and she was a milliner originally from New York.  Later in life Charles ran a grocery store. The couple had at least two children: a son, Gerald, born about 1895 and a daughter, Dorothy Kidder Litchfield, born in Somerville on 30 December 1896.
Charles was active in the Masons and became the “Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.”
By 1930, the 71 year old retired and widowed Charles was living with his daughter and son-in-law in Melrose, Massachusetts. He died some time before 1940.


Charles Litchfield

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