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Edgar Miller Gilman – Railroad man

This cute little guy is Edgar Miller Gilman. Born 2 April 1892 in Reading, Massachusetts to George Gilman and Helen Miller, Edgar grew up to be a tall man with brown eyes and light brown hair. He married Edith May Biggs on 30 June 1914 in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Like his father before him, Edgar worked for the B and M Railroad, first as a trainman and then as a brakeman. By 1940 he had worked his way up to passenger conductor, based at North Station in Boston. It appears that Edgar and Edith only had two children – sons George and Carl.


Edgar Miller Gilman front


Edgar Miller Gilman back

Andrew Dodge Edwards and family

Andrew Edwards young

Andrew Edwards older

Andrew Dodge Edwards, the son of John S. Edwards and Mary Ann Dodge was born in New Boston, New Hampshire on 29 Dec 1858. A machinist by trade he worked all of his adult life for the railroad. He married Lillian Pickering on 11 May 1885 in Lake Village, New Hampshire. Lillian gave birth to a son, John D. born 9 March 1886. Sadly, she died on 22 May 1890 of “uremic convulsions of childbirth” after delivering her daughter Pearl.

Lillian Edwards


Little Johnnie died the following year on 10 December 1891 of convulsions and croup. He was 5 years and 9 months old.

Johnnie Edwards


Andrew married for a second time on 6 June 1894. His new wife was Lizzie Merrill and it was a second marriage for both of them. Although they were both in their middle 30’s, it does not appear that they had any children together. The couple moved to Northampton, Massachusetts by 1900 and then to Springfield, Massachusetts by 1910 where Andrew died on 15 May 1943. He was 84 years old.