James Russell and Mary Ann Sutherland of Amherst, New Hampshire

These pictures are carte de visite from an album that I rescued from a local antique shop.

 James Russell

James Russell (the father of Adelaide – see last week’s post) was born in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire about 1806. He was a harness maker and saddler. He died suddenly on 30 December 1872 while walking to work from his home, a distance of less than a quarter of a mile of a heart attack.

Mary A. Russell

His wife, Mary Ann Sutherland was born in London, England 29 July 1805. Her father was Robert Sutherland, born in Scotland and her mother was Hannah Nilson, who was born in England. She died in Amherst , New Hampshire of old age on 6 December 1888 at the age of 83.

They had three children – Adelaide, previously blogged about and two sons, Warren and George, both of whom served in the Civil War. Look for more on these men in future blogs.

Both are buried in Meadow View Cemetery in Amherst, New Hampshire.

The photos were taken by J.F. Keniston of Andover, New Hampshire who was a photographer working in the 1860s.

James and Mary Russell back

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I try to get photos returned to family members at no charge. Please contact me if you are related to any of the people in the rescued photos that I post. I can be reached at: deborahleestewart@gmail.com

2 responses to “James Russell and Mary Ann Sutherland of Amherst, New Hampshire”

  1. renaissancemoon says :

    When you come to Amherst to see the graves of these people, we’ll go out for lunch and talk genealogy!

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