Jane McKean Moore

This adorable little girl is identified as “Jane McKean (Moore) Daughter of Tom McKean.” The photo was taken by Charles Rabineau at 19-21 North Pearl Street in Albany, New York. The subject, Jane McKean was born 27 May 1911 in Troy, New York and the photographer, Rabineau, died in 1916 at the age of 76. This photo was taken during the last few years of his career.


The front of the cover has a lovely embossed floral design.


Jane McKean’s father Thomas was born between 1879 – 1882 in Scotland and appears to have worked for the United States Postal Service all of his adult life. Her mother, Charlotte, was born in Kansas about 1888. By 1915 the couple had divorced and Jane was living with her father. In 1920 Thomas was living with Jane and an extended family group in Troy. By 1925, Thomas had married a woman named Jessie who was born in West Troy, New York on 14 September 1884. The family lived at 131 Second Street in Waterford, New York.

In 1927, the McKean family traveled to Scotland – presumably visiting Thomas’s family there. Thomas had been naturalized in Rensselaer County on 20 Oct 1890, probably by his father’s naturalization. The family was living at 131 Second Street in Waterford, New York.


By 1940 Jane was married to Kenneth Moore and they had three children: Barbara born about 1932, Mary born about 1933 and Robert born in December of 1939. The young family was renting a house at 83 Third Street in Waterford, New York. Jane’s husband, Kenneth worked as a shipping clerk at a paper mill. The couple had 5 more children: Nancy, John, Margaret, Kathleen and Michelle.

Kenneth died 15 Feb 1974. Jane died 15 Feb 2005 on the 31st anniversary of her husband’s death at the age of 93 while living in Prince Georges, Maryland. It appears that Jane grew up as an only child, but when she died she had 25 grandchildren and a number of great-grandchildren. A large family indeed!


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4 responses to “Jane McKean Moore”

  1. Angela (nee Walker) Zenon says :

    This is my grandmother’s photo!! How lovely to see such a young picture of her. Thank you!!! What do you do with the photo, because I know the family would love to have it if possible.

  2. kall12283@yahoo.com says :

    I just received this from my daughter. This is my mother , I am her daughter, Kathleen. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting this to me via my daughter. Ionically, you live not too far from my brother Robert McKean Moore, he lives in Ayer, MA. Thanks again. Kathleen Moore Rose

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