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Blynn Allan Perkins, Hollywood High School Graduation Diploma

I found this nearly mint condition 1931 graduation diploma from Hollywood High School, Los Angeles, CA at a flea market in Lancaster, Massachusetts. The cover appears to be a soft suede – the lettering on the cover is embossed in gold. The diploma cover measures about 8-1/2”x 6-1/2.”

Blynn Allan Perkins diploma cover

The graduate was Blynn Allan Perkins, who was born and died in Maine. So why did he graduate from high school in Hollywood?

Blynn Allan Perkins diploma                                                                                                                                                                                       Blynn Allan Perkins diploma closeup

Here’s the rest of the story:

Blynn Allan Perkins was born December 15, 1913 in Maine. In 1920, his father, Arthur worked in a plush mill and his mother Emily (who was born in England) was a mender in a worsted mill in Sanford, Maine. In 1928, Blynn’s father, Arthur died and his mother took a job as a dressmaker for the motion picture industry and moved to Beverly Hills, California with her teenaged son. Blynn graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1931. By 1940 he was living in Manhattan with his widowed mother. She was working as a secretary for an actress; he was an unemployed movie house musician. On April 8, 1942 he enlisted in the United States Army at Fort Jay Governors Island, New York and served as a Corporal in the 3rd Reconnaissance Group during World War II. Blynn died, at Johnny Seesaw Lodge in Peru, Maine on Oct 3, 1970 of complications from diabetes at the age of 56. He had returned to Maine and was working as a clerk for a trucking company in Sanford, Maine. He was an only child, who never married and he had no children.

Death record

Charles M. Morse, Jr. 1901 photo rescue

I found this photo in an antique shop in Townsend, Massachusetts. The photo is identified as C.M. Morse, Jr. of 242 Maxfield. The photographer was J. O’Neil of New Bedford, Massachusetts, better known for his photograph of the Lizzie Borden jury, which was given to Lizzie after her acquittal. Charles M. Morse, Jr. was a grocer living at 242 Maxfield, New Bedford, Mass. in 1901. He was born on 1 July 1851 to Charles Morse and Mary A. Bisbee. On 21 Sep 1875 he married Lizzie P. Wing and died 16 Feb 1920. The photo measures approximately 3″ x 3.” A sticker has been partially removed from the back. The unusual orientation and fame of the photographer makes this a unique piece.

C.M. Morse, Jr                   Charles M. Morse, Jr. verso